Introducing Joel Baker

Hey there!

I just discovered a talented artist named Joel Baker as you can guess with the title .

I love is voice and his style is just as I love.

Joel Baker is a writer and a singer. Some quotes from is website:

« I was born in Nottingham, went to Uni in Leeds, and now live in London. I came to London 18 months ago to work in Parliament. After being in the big city for 3 days I met some producers from Holloway and musical magic happened. Now I’m here, writing on my music website. A little crazy, but I’m going with it. »

His first EP ‘Long Sleeves’  is out since  June and the lead single, ‘Further Than Feelings’, is available from TODAY !!

I can »t stop listening to this song since this morning when I made my brunch 😉

Joel Baker est ma découverte du jour.

Compositeur et interprète de ses chansons, il c’est installé il y a 18 mois à Londres pour travailler au Parlement.

Il a fait LA belle rencontre qui lance actuellement sa carrière après seulement 3 jours dans la capitale britanique.

Une belle success story en perspective pour ce talentueux chanteur dont le single ‘Further Than Feelings sort CE jour!

Je l’écoute en boucle depuis ce matin lorsque je cuisinais.


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  • Yeah, i like it too! pas mal ce son de Joel Baker! merci pour la découverte!
    Boussa 🙂 , Hindie. the mother/daughter fashion blog