New week coming, let introduce Obenewa !

Hello Folks!

Beginning of the week.
Back to work after a looong weekend.
Need some music to keep my smiling face.  ^^

I let you enjoy the West London-based soul rising songwriter Obenewa.
This video is just as a painting masterpiece.
I can’t stop telling it, I love music but visual as well, jacket and video are as important for me as the music itself.
I love to be kept on the musical universe.

* »The EP was then written in 5 days and then recorded in 3 days. Intentionally created in that way to make sure she captured that snapshot of her life and kept it honest and pure.

The first single “Make.Believe.” which is a poignant and emotive piece, “About not wanting to let someone go, but you know that you have to and for just a moment you’re asking them to pretend, to make-believe that they will still be around.”

The beautiful visual accompaniment directed by Gary Nurse keeps the monochromatic aesthetic established with the EP artwork and reflects the theatrical nature of the song, showing the push n pull between two protagonists/lovers and the young singer wanting to stay in a fantasy world of make-believe and hope to avoid the reality of a failing relationship. »

Take care

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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
  • Je ne connaissais pas, j’aime beaucoup ! c’est agréable à écouter, merci pour la découverte.:)